The Audacious Kidd

The eagerly awaited true story of Bertie Kidd, one of Australia’s most infamous gangsters is here.  His reputation in the criminal underworld, law enforcement and corrections department is undeniable, however in the public world he is relatively unknown.  Now you can read his true story.  This three part trilogy begins with his early life and introduction into the criminal world.

Kidd has committed so many crimes over the years that a record of them has to be spread over 3 volumes.

Master safe breaker, armed robber and suspected gangland killer: the untold story of Bertie Kidd – Australia’s Australia’s answer to Keyser Soze from The Usual Suspects – whose audacious criminal exploits spanned half a century

Adam Shand

“Author and Journalist 4th November 2019 on Facebook Post”

There are very few crime books that I wish I had written this is one of them. There’s true crime and there’s real crime. This is the most authentic account of a career in crime you will find on the shelves today.

Safebreaker and all rounder, regarded as one of the the finest Victorian, if not all Australian – criminals, for many years Kidd was able to stay out of prison thanks to his contacts in the police.

Morton & Lobez Dangerous to Know

What’s inside


Chapter 1

The Hungry Years


Chapter 11

The Morning Star Gold Mine


Chapter 15

Blowing Safes


Chapter 19

A Set-up in Wonthaggi


Chapter 25

Kidd Left Holding the Bag


Chapter 32

The Weasel Squeals

 Chapter 1

Begins with his birth in July 1933 in London, England just after The Great Depression and prior to the start of World War 2. The country was literally starving and a large number of people were stricken by  consumption, which at the time was cured only by death.

It was a hard start for this young fellow who was born into poverty. He had to endure a tough childhood including being robbed of his mother who died of tuberculosis.

Being the youngest of four boys he had to fight for his rights and endure the beginning of World War 2.

This fight for survival helped set him up to withstand his harshest critic. This would be a period that would meld him for his future life of crime.





The Audacious Kidd is set over 52 chapters and over three hundred and twenty pages.  It takes you from a cold war torn London through to the emerging warm continent of Australia.

Just about every chapter could be an episode of a true crime series. With an array of colourful characters including Ena Sharples, Jimmy Bomber Consedine, Split Pin, Mutton Chops (The Weasel), Bubba and Brian the Bullfrog that get up to mischief on a constant basis.

Leader of the pack is none other than the protagonist Bertie Kidd. This true story takes you on an adventure through the criminal mind and how it shapes ones own ego.

A perfect place to apply his trade, Australia is a continent that is founded on convict  blood and some say what gives it its unique character.


The Notorious Kidd

Upcoming book!

The adventure continues in this extraordinary story on one of Australia’s most colourful characters.

In the second novel Bertie Kidd is not the same person, he has been changed by what he sees as social injustices in the prisons system. Bouyed by these transgressions in the system, book 2 takes us to another level of criminality.

With a cast of villains including Squiffy Bill, Tic Tok, Mad Mick, Ray the Bully, Greedy Guts and the Kangaroo gang. All of these characters are a part of this countries colourful tapestry.

Bertie Kidd relishes his new found sense of freedom and cuts loose across the country. He is involved in just about everything criminal and for him it’s not about the money but getting better at his craft.

He manages to stay on top with private intelligence only a bag full of money can buy. Armed with this information he is allowed to plunder at will.

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