About The Book

This book was written after Kidd heard and read misleading accounts of his activities. Repeatedly urged on by fellow criminals, screws and coppers to write his own version of events. He finally felt compelled to tell his story when he was threatened with deportation to England upon his release from prison. He began an ultimately successful legal battle to remain in Australia which has given him the time to write his memoirs.

He has been written about in dozens of books some with a level of truth and others not.

This story is the true story as he knows it. Over many hours spent reviewing the events of his past with the author, this book carefully crafts a narrative from memories of time past as best as one could achieve. 

Freddie Foreman

“The British Godfather of Crime”

A master in his field, he’s written up as criminal royalty in Australia a deserved title due to his audacious exploits. I’ve known of Bertie Kidd since the late sixties and have followed his career with interest. We’re of the same vintage and have experienced similar escapades only from different continents. His story is a must read and the fact it’s a trilogy denotes how active his criminal past has been.

I’ve known Bertie Kidd since the late sixties where his reputation preceded him. As far as crooks go he’s one of the best. His involvement in some of Australia’s most audacious crimes is a testament to his formidable character. He’s been involved in just about everything criminal including fixing some of the biggest races in Australia.
His story is eagerly awaited by those in criminal, judicial, law enforcement and corrective services.

John Killick

Mick Gatto

Bertie Kidd first came to my attention in the mid-nineties when I was contacted by a leading businessman that had been threatened and feared for his life. I intervened and contacted Bertie to negotiate underworld dealings for a successful resolution. His reputation for being involved in criminal activities over such a long period of time without public knowledge is a testament to the respect he has in the underworld. This story represents true crime as has never been told before.