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    Fellow readers,

    I’ve just read Volume 1 of the Kidd Trilogy. What a fantastic book. Brilliantly put together by the author Simon Griffin as accounted to him by Bertie Kidd. What a character Bertie is. He’s got more moves than a swiss watch, more front than a Mack truck and more balls than a Slazenger tennis ball factory.

    I’m not going to tell you about the book as it will spoil your read. All I’m going to tell you is that if you want a good honest account of what really went on back in Bertie’s fledgling days when he was finding out that life in the real world was dam hard, dangerous and dirty, then stop second guessing if you would enjoy the read and buy the book. You won’t believe what he got up to.

    I can’t wait for Volumes 2 and 3. The 3 books will go up in my Man Cave alongside the other ( NOT TO BE LEANT TO ANYONE ) books that will be treasured and handed down.

    Enjoy the read peeps.


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